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When asked about his inspirations when it came to first making music, YNG Chasey had this to say: “My dad was the first person to put me onto a lot of great artists like Tupac, Michael Jackson, Biggie, Sade, Busta Rhymes, Modern Talking, pet shop boys and the list goes on..” He remembers being heavily inspired by what people around him were capable of, and how that pushed him to new heights.

“I was chilling with my homeboy Mu$tard and we were on some freestyling vibe a couple nights and eventually I decided to write my first song and go record it. Some liked it some didn’t haha, I was just getting my feet wet.”
“I am a fully licensed red seal steamfitter. I just recently I got my ticket back in April and went out to work in Sarnia, Ontario for about 2 months per shutdown. Working on building (music and construction) projects; traveling, investing etc is what I do outside of music and will continue to do, especially with music.”

When it came time to detailing upcoming shows, YNG Chasey has recently secured placement and media coverage with a Toronto-based videographer; having just held their first showcase in May of 2022, with their second being in August. YNG Chasey is certainly looking forward to the hype from the event as well as adding to it how he does best. As always, he looks forward to future shows and growing as an artist in other aspects to say the least.

YNG Chasey also had a good amount to say about how much the internet has and will continue to impact his music and music around the world:

“The internet has allowed independent artists like myself to market and distribute our music on various platforms and do similar actions that record labels can perform. And now, with all these social media platforms, it grants us the ability to reach millions of people without having to sign a deal. The technology surrounding the music industry is just getting more and more diverse each day. I’m excited for a lot of reason.”


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