Young Russian Musician Bruletova Shares Invaluable Tips to Success

September 13, 2022 0

Alla Bruletova is a young musician and an ordinary girl born in a small town near Miami, America, who has achieved so much at the young age of 22. Besides music, Alla is a renowned model, sports enthusiast, social media influencer, and actress. Currently, the young and budding musician has garnered a massive following of over 1.5M and 2.5M on Instagram and TikTok, respectively, and looks forward to starting to stream on YouTube and Twitch TV. 

Alla has also ventured into the entrepreneurial space and is the founder of a clothing brand called LookForever. Established in 2020, the venture has greatly motivated her to create new clothing designs. According to Alla, she has always had a love for fashion and style and would often visualize images of outfits in her head until she realized she could bring the ideas to life. At LookForever, they create clothes that are accessible to everyone without sacrificing quality. Initially, Alla was afraid to start the business, wondering if the idea would work and succeed as planned. She also feared losing her financial resources.

Alla runs LookForever in partnership with a close friend, so the investment was minimal. They share all the expenses and distribute responsibilities, making things easier. Although their first collection cost them half a million rubles, it was a smash hit. Their customers loved it, and the reaction to the collection exceeded what the duo expected. Alla is thankful to her supportive boyfriend, who backs up her endeavors, making it easy to balance her personal life and work.

As a musician who makes music from her emotions, traveling has enhanced Alla’s creative process and motivated her to make significant and distinctive music away from the atmosphere and people she is used to. “My creative process has dramatically improved since moving to Miami. You will all witness this in my upcoming album,” she asserts.

“It is every young entrepreneur’s dream to become successful early in life. However, success does not come overnight. You need to apply certain practices to your personal and professional life to achieve your desired goal to succeed”, shares Alla. She advises setting clear goals, using your failures as stepping stones or lessons, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Additionally, you need to network, assess your actions and priorities daily, take your time to build a team, and not be afraid to take a leap of faith.

Although successful, Alla’s journey has had its ups and downs. The most significant being when her parents separated. It was difficult for her, and it took a huge amount of strength, motivation, and spirit to believe in herself and strive to succeed despite the situation. On the other hand, Alla learned a valuable lesson: you should never give up no matter what comes your way. “There are times when it’s hard to believe in yourself, and society or your environment demotivates you for various reasons. At this moment, you need to believe in yourself and move forward despite the obstacles,” explains Alla.

An astute model, Alla looks forward to continuing modeling and working in fashion design. Besides this, she aims to become a recognized musician whose works are loved and admired by many.

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