Yung Pinco talks about his upcoming single “why”

November 30, 2022 0

51F7B631-114B-4383-B57A-A70424EFF8E3-333x500 Yung Pinco talks about his upcoming single “why”

The song is to be out on all streaming platforms on December 16 2022. And he also talks about his upcoming EP which is going to be his first project by far. Yung Pinco is an independent artist based out of South Dakota who sees a bigger picture ahead. The uprising star has already been killing shows/concerts with just his first couple of singles out yet including songs from “say yes” to “my baby” and a few more.

The artist said that he’s anticipating a very big year coming 2023. Last time we spoke to him he said “with me being from Africa/Liberia, I have tried different types of music and it’s safe to say that I am going to deliver multiple genres of music and not just Afro beat that the typical African artists are libeled/known for “. He went on by saying “I make Afro rnb music as well as Afro swing, Afro pop, rap music and more, I don’t put myself in a box or get stuck on one type to music because of my influence in the music industry which are Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Wizkid and a few others”.

We are excited to be the first to announce Yung Pinco’s next single titled “Why”, that is set to drop on December 16 2022.

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