Rich Soul masterminds another audio masterpiece with Come Thru

April 28, 2022 0
278468015_2476108286470718_7300086377173537997_n-500x334 Rich Soul masterminds another audio masterpiece with Come Thru

Photo provided by: RICH SOUL

Masterminds are divinely created.  

The human brain is the most dangerous, powerful, divine, and revolutionary force. The brainwaves of people contain non-decoded signals which convert into dreams. These dreams, when cultivated, nurtured, and manifested, become visions. These visions shape, mold, and transform human society. Visionaries bear an invisible burden of expectation and deliverance from normal humans.  

Their mind never ceases in the race of innovation, creativity, change, and dominance. Every aspect of their life is measured twice and cut once. Protecting their energy and time are chief priorities. Everything a mastermind develops, designs, and distributes illuminate the highest form of mastery. Masterminds live in their metaverse, which inspires, empowers, and educates the next generation of masterminds.   

Rich Soul sets a new trend for Generation Z music.  

Rich Soul represents more than music in 2022. Rich Soul’s brand, lifestyle, uncensored perspectives, and relentless energy have created their own transformative aura and mystique.   

Rich Soul’s cinematography and visual brilliance augment their creative genius.   

Strategically Rich Soul blends emotional intelligence, unrivaled sonic composition, exclusive euphoria, and aspirational storytelling into every record.   

Rich Soul’s latest release, ‘Come Thru’ has received overwhelming adulation and critical acclaim from music power-players, BDS radio programmers, national journalists, and mainstream media outlets. ‘Come Thru” highlights Rich Soul’s unique vocal range, unblemished lyrical delivery, and crossover appeal.   

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