An Interview with Celebrity photographer Justin Kase

August 27, 2022 0

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The best portrait photographers make everyone look great, which is one reason why people keep coming back to Justin Kase and telling others about it. 

Some call him the Atlanta area’s ‘photographer to the stars’ since he has an impressive portfolio of photos of political leaders, civil rights leaders, actors and actresses, musicians, and more.

“I like to tell people that the only difference between celebrities and non-celebrities is that the first group is a little more used to having their pictures taken all the time, having to dress nice and always having their make-up and hair done,” he said. “But they sometimes are also a little less open to trying new things like poses that are maybe a little more artistic.”

With the winning approach of “we all want to look good,” Justin Kase works hard to make his subjects comfortable, whoever it Is and whatever the purpose of the shoot is, from a red-carpet premiere or a formal sitting in their office. 

During COVID he focused on shooting landscapes, so he didn’t have to get too close to people. 

“I’m so proud of my journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead,” Justin Kase said. 

He’s been asked to take official photos of Stacey Abrams and Gov. Kemp, NAACP President Gerald Griggs, and civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

He’s covered recent civil rights marches against violence, which has led to some of his most powerful images. 

“The emotions of the time were so high, and rightfully so, that each image held a power I was fortunate to capture,” he said. 

Photography has been an important part of the second half of his life, and he can’t get enough of it. 

‘The first half’ included more than 25 years of broadcasting experience, including 16 years as a radio host. This promotional on-air experience has actually been an asset to his photography – he’s able to talk to anyone about anything and does his best to make a photo subject comfortable during a shoot. 

“I’m a ham,” he said. “I try to be happy and make sure everyone is having a good time too.”

His experience in radio also helped him get acquainted with prominent celebrities around the world, who, like just about everyone, like to have good pictures taken of themselves. Developing these relationships at events often led to the sources feeling comfortable with Justin Kase, and then hiring him for private things like a family baby shower, headshots, or an anniversary.

“When photographing people, whether it’s Gerald Griggs ‘President of Georgia NAACP State Conference, Dontaye Carter, National Activist Porch’se Miller or leaders like Al Sharpton or Ben Crump, even musicians like Tray Chaney, International Nova, Justin Kase makes sure he always has gratitude in his heart.

“I don’t necessarily have a favorite style, since I try to find the beauty in every single style I’ve tried,” he said. 

He’s happy to share advice for future photographers.

“Get to know your camera inside and out, and always focus on who you’re shooting at the time, rather than who your next shot will be,” he said.

Someday he’d love a National Geographic assignment that would take six months to complete in maybe a remote destination.  

“Until then, I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing,” he said. “Shout out to everyone who believes in me, gets my pictures licensed and published in major publications for the world to see. I appreciate all of you!”

Keep up with Justin Kase on social media @Justinkasephoto

You can purchase his pictures here:

85923-334x500 An Interview with Celebrity photographer Justin Kase

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