Andrew “Dante” Hillmedo Is A Media Powerhouse

January 12, 2022 0

Andrew “Dante” Hillmedo can do it all. Originally a Bronx native, the young creative began acting and writing music before he became a videographer. Writing and producing original Rap & Hip Hop music while studying in college. He didn’t discover his love for videography until later. Around 2018 Andrew started Team Elite Productions, his very own production company. Since then he has been working with a wide range of A-list celebrities, shooting star studded parties, corporate events and more. Some of his recent work includes going on tour with Mariah Carey and DJ Suss one, regularly working with rapper Dream Doll, and Michael Rubin’s all white party (attended by artists like Beyonce, Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, Quavo, and more. In 2022 he plans to start production on film ideas, create tutorials for those interested in getting into film and photography and continue to build up his brand. With this very impressive resume there’s no telling what Andrew will get up to next.

Michael Rubin’s party looked crazy, a very star studded event. Who was someone there that you were surprised to see? 

I already had a rundown of who may or may not be there but I think Beyonce being there was the most eye opening. It was very star studded, a lot of big names in the building. I’m thankful that I was called upon to capture the event.

Was that the craziest party you’ve ever been to? 

I think Michael Rubin’s all white party takes the cake; performances by Lil Baby, Tenashe, Megan the Stallion, Quavo, etc.. Firework show, 3 floors of action, free Ace of Spades? It was a night to remember, everyone was lit!

Who are some directors and videographers that you look up to? 

I don’t think there’s a specific director or videographer I look up to, I’m all about uniquely creating my own lane. But Tyler Perry is a big inspiration for me, for someone who created his own play and acted in it, and utilized that to the point of being able to create films and now owning his own production studio. He’s living the dream, one that I too hope to turn into reality in the near future.

Who has been your favorite artist to work with and why? 

Dream Doll is my favorite artist to work with, she’s down to earth and keeps it real 100% of the time. She looks out for her team and makes sure that they’re good. She gives everyone respect as long as you give her the same, talk to her nice! Lol. Can’t wait to see where she’s gonna be in a few years because she’s going hard and getting the recognition she deserves right now.

What was it like going on tour with Mariah Carey and DJ Suss One? 

It was dope, first experience being on a tour bus. Everyone on her team is extremely pleasant as well, from the dancers and the back up singers to the staff; everyone was very chill. And Mariah’s very kind, it was my first time meeting her and she was checking that I was good and if I needed anything. Was also great seeing her kids happy and running around having fun. DJ Suss One is my bro, we’ve been doing work since I was at Sirius so it was cool being on the road with him and adding more dope content to his platforms.

Do you prefer to shoot events and shows or more corporate stuff? 

I prefer to do more corporate stuff, you can set up your shots, paint the scene, and shoot. I like being able to plan and create something that looks high quality and being able to control the environment. With shows/events you never know what can happen, often just gotta roll prepared for anything guerilla style.

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