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The development of gambling entertainment products that can be launched on any mobile device is carried out with the help of modern, innovative technologies. The main operational element in this case is the game platform. You can find out more about what it is and the key features of its use by clicking on the following link

Rating of Mobile Game Platforms

The gambling industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, so today the term “gambling platform” has several meanings. This product can be used on desktop devices such as personal computers, and on mobile devices. And the second option is used more often, as modern gambling enthusiasts are gradually moving to the mobile version of entertainment because of the convenience of its launch. The list of popular mobile versions of gambling platforms includes

1 Unity
2 Unreal Engine
3 Corona SDK
4 Construct 3
5 Game Maker Studio 2
6 LibGDX

Each platform has its own features, interface, and functional equipment, just like Uptown Pokies mobile casino. To go to the official website of the online gambling establishment, potential customers can use different types of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The main thing is to choose the operating system of the device to upload the portal.

Unity Mobile Platform: Features

Unity is a powerful engine for creating modern games in 2D and 3D. This product is even available in a free version for prototyping purposes. Such games as Lara Croft, Pokemon Go, and Angry Birds 2 were developed with the help of this engine. The platform product is the most appropriate solution for creating games in 3D, but some companies use it to create isometric platformers or entertainment designed in 2D graphics.

The main advantages of such a product include

  • a careful selection of components that enable users to control objects, as well as to independently prescribe models of their behavior;
  • a large selection of plugins and various assets used during the development of a prototype or a full version of the game;
  • support for innovations, such as rendering, which enables the development of games with realistic graphics.

However, while using the Unity platform, you will need to devote a lot of time to programming. Also, the finished game needs manual optimization, which requires a certain amount of time as well. And due to a large number of tools used, the weight of the finished game product will be quite large (the minimum size of a basic game is 100 MB), which is not always liked by players who have to free up a lot of space on their gadget to download the game. That’s why this game platform is suitable for experienced providers who have optimization and coding skills.

Unreal Engine: Review

This game engine is available for free only if the generated revenue is more than $3,000. Popular entertainment options such as Mortal Kombat, Fortnite Mobile, and Bright Memory have been developed using this product. You can learn more about the development process of Mortal Kombat and its features by clicking on the following link

The advantage of using this platform is the possibility of creating games without the need for software development. Instead, the engine features Blueprints, a special visual editor. The product is intended for writing scripts and customizing the behavior of the main characters of the gameplay. Developers have also free assets available to them, which simplifies the process of content development. Unreal Engine is a product that has a functional tool for improving game software designed to be launched on mobile devices.

However, sometimes this engine feature can be compromised when many different objects are added to the map. This is due to the fact that the platform takes into account all the objects. The product interface is designed specifically for novice gamers. The engine is used to create a three-dimensional game that features a small number of elements with a detailed drawing. A prime example of this is such a game as Mortal Kombat with 2 characters in the foreground and landscapes in the background.

Corona SDK: Platform Features

This platform is used to release game software with a graphic 2D design for free. After making a profit in the game, the developer is invited to transfer it to their account. Development of the game content with this engine requires knowledge of the Lua programming language. Corona SDK has an Android and iOS emulator. You can also use it to make an original and functional game interface.

Construct 3: the Product Review

It is used to develop simple games to be uploaded to mobile devices. You can work with it in a browser or download and install it on your device. This platform is suitable for creating puzzles, clickers and other casual games. You can create a game project within 1 hour and a more complex one within a week. The positive aspects of this product include

  • it is easy to master the tool (the developer does not even need to know the programming language);
  • games operate at high speed and without crashes even on those mobile devices that operate on older versions of Android systems;
  • the possibility of self-design of the game without the participation of artists.

The platform can only be accessed through a browser from any device, even a portable one, just like Fair Go Casino mobile login. The engine works only if you have access to the Internet.

LibGDX: Product Description

The product has an accessible source code. It is intended for the development of game content in 2D and 3D. The free platform can be downloaded to devices running on the Android or iOS operating systems without any modifications. A distinctive feature of the product is the possibility of providing access to various tools and modules of the devices.


Before choosing a platform, it is recommended to decide on the concept of the game. For the creation of simple content, such engines as Construct 3 and Corona will be an appropriate choice. And when it comes to the development of professional games, it is impossible to do without Unity and Unreal Engine. And when it comes to the release of products with an interesting mechanics for mobile devices, the LibGDX platform will be a good choice.

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