What You Need To Know To Plan the Perfect Summer Wedding

March 21, 2023 0

pexels-photo-1024975-500x334 What You Need To Know To Plan the Perfect Summer Wedding

What is better than saying “I do” on a perfect summer evening? There is nothing more romantic than this, in our opinion. Surrounded by friends and family, a summer wedding is what every couple dreams of. But before you make up your mind, there are some things that you should consider. Summer is the peak wedding season so carry out thorough research. 

As soon as you get engaged, weddings are at the top of your priority list. There is so much to think about other than who should be invited and what will be the dress that will put everyone in awe of it. However, with the help of technology, everything can be done online, from choosing the venue to selecting a menu or hunting for the perfect wedding dress. With a few clicks, everything can be done. All of that requires a reliable internet connection that doesn’t disrupt your wedding planning. For that, we suggest Mediacom Internet. This is a good option for you.    

Moreover, summer weddings are perfect for those who want to hold their wedding outdoors. If you want the flowers to be blooming and birds to be singing their songs at your wedding, you have chosen the right season. But there are pros and cons to it, nonetheless.

Yet, here are some essentials you want to consider for planning a perfect summer wedding.

  1. When to start planning

Normally, people start planning for the wedding after they get engaged. Even so, if you want your dream wedding to come true, we recommend planning your big day at least a year in advance. As mentioned earlier, summer is the peak wedding season. Venues are pre-booked. There’s no point in compromising on that dreamy outdoor place because someone else got there first. 

Wedding planners suggest that if you want a May to September wedding, chances are that you won’t find a good venue vacant if you’re late. So, start looking for a place as soon as you get the hint.

  1. Choose the Venue Carefully

Early summer is the perfect time for that dreamy outdoor wedding. After all, who doesn’t want those dreamy golden hour photographs? The flowers are blooming at their peak from spring to summer, so the natural setting is just the cherry on top. It depends on where you plan to have the wedding, so you may want to switch from outdoor to indoor.

If you live where mid summers can get extremely hot, you may want to move to an indoor location. There are so many indoor wedding venues that allow sunlight in and give the perfect summer wedding look. This will save you and your guests from the scorching heat while not taking away the sunny and summery wedding look.

  1. The Dress Code

The dress code should be changed according to the weather and the venue. The best summer dresses for weddings are those that are light and airy. You don’t want those stuffy and gaudy dresses all around you, just ruining the feel. This goes both for the bride and the guests. While choosing a color theme for your guests might not go as planned, you can definitely suggest light dresses, since everyone has them.

There are so many amazing summer wedding dresses that there won’t be a problem finding one for the bride. A gown of breathable fabric, with subtle tones, flowery border lace, and maybe an open back, this is a recipe for the perfect bridal dress. Bridesmaids can also choose something similar to complement the bride.

  1. The Menu

The dishes served in the movie, The Menu, were a little over the top, so you may want to consider going light on these as well. Summers are hot (newsflash!) so try to focus on cold things to serve. Instead of serving two main dishes, you can go for two drinks. You can also shift to having two frozen desserts. Although the indoor venue will have air conditioners, the weather can turn hot and food can cause trouble. 

But especially if your wedding is outdoors, keep serving drinks to the guests. You don’t want to ruin your day by having someone faint over there. Use fruits and fresh seasonal vegetables for the menu as well and a mini burger bar is always a hit no matter what the season is.

  1. Be Flexible

We know that once you have set a perfect picture in your mind, it can get a bit difficult to have something else. But as we know how busy the summer season is for weddings, you’d really appreciate being flexible. You may not get that venue for the date that you want. You may have to invest a bit more to bring that place alive for that cool yet sunny look. 

Other than this, summer is also a season of rain. There can be a surprise shower on your big day. So, keep an alternate venue in mind. Or at least have covers as a backup. Things may not go your way but that doesn’t mean that the day can’t go well too.


A wedding is a big day for anyone but having a summer wedding demands extra attention. Plan things from the beginning and you will end up having the time of your life on the dreamiest day of your life.

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