5 Reasons Why 90s Was The Golden Era of Hip Hop

January 20, 2023 0

Hip-hop has deep roots in America’s culture and it has been an integral part of our nation’s youth culture since the early 80s.

The 90s was a defining period for hip-hop music; as great artists such as Dr Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and many others took the genre to unprecedented heights with their stylistic approaches to lyrics, beats, samples, and storytelling.

Sure there were great hip-hop songs made before then but it was during this era that particularly shaped the landscape of rap into what we know today—from conscious rap to gangster rap and more experimental forms like abstract hip-hop; all these approaches became mainstream during this period.

So let’s explore why 90’s hip-hop is considered by most fans worldwide to be the golden age of Hip Hop!

  1. Originality

This era of hip-hop was marked by the emergence of very original and creative artists, who had no fear of breaking barriers in terms of sound, delivery, message, and influence. The 90s saw the rise of rap groups like Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul who pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo with their innovative blend of beats, samples, and rhymes while giving us a window into the culture of black America. This period also saw solo artists like Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G introducing new and unique styles to rap music; from the gangster rap style that reflected their harsh realities growing up in the hood, to conscious rap that tackled social issues such as racism and inequality in America.

  1. Cultural Impact

This era saw a great deal of influence from hip-hop on popular culture and fashion. Rappers began wearing more flamboyant wardrobes with bold colors, flashy jewelry, and signature hats; their looks were copied by kids all over the world and soon became a fashion statement. Hip-hop also brought about changes in language with the creation of new words and phrases that were adopted by non-rappers; for example, “bling” was first used by rappers to describe flashy jewelry but has since become part of everyday vernacular.

  1. Expansion

During this time, hip-hop had already become a global phenomenon with artists from all over the world—from Europe to Asia and Africa—creating their own unique sounds. This period saw some of the greatest international contributions to hip hop, such as British rappers like The Streets and So Solid Crew who brought a new flavor to rap music while also exploring local issues such as poverty and racism. Other artists like Egyptian Lover in Los Angeles and Naughty By Nature from New Jersey were also breaking boundaries by bringing more electro-funk influences to the music.

  1. Beat Production

This era saw a revolution in beat production with the advent of modern digital audio workstations, samplers, and software. Producers such as Dr Dre, RZA, The Neptunes, and Pete Rock used advanced production techniques to create unique beats that combined elements of funk, soul, and electro music. These producers helped to redefine the sound of hip hop with their sample-based production style which had an immense influence on modern beat production.

  1. Uncompromising Quality

There was an emphasis on quality during this era; producers and artists strived to make the best music possible, regardless of any commercial pressure or trends. This period saw rap music that was more lyrically complex than ever before, with songs that focused on political issues, social commentary and the realities of everyday life. It was a time when rappers could express themselves without any compromise and be taken seriously for their art.

In conclusion, the 90s was an incredibly important period in hip-hop history as it saw the emergence of several influential artists and producers who changed the landscape of rap music forever. From originality to cultural impact and beat production, this era ushered in a new era of uncompromising quality and creativity that has since become a cornerstone of hip-hop culture. The golden age of Hip Hop will always serve as a reminder of how powerful music can be and its lasting impact on society.

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