AJ Reynolds – “Damage”

April 11, 2023 0

image_6487327 AJ Reynolds - "Damage"

Lately, All we ever get from AJ Reynolds is positivity and Character building content that just opens that passionate creative side of us that we tend to let the real world rat race drown out of us. If the last music video “My Life” wasn’t crazy inspirational enough out in LA and traveling… This ones a bit harder but still motivational and inspiring people to do the right thing. This new Music video “Damage” from AJ was shot by Connor Hayes of Project 2 Studios (Surprisingly) on an iPhone down in Massachusetts at Trill Is Bliss Studios.

“I don’t got friends cos they wanna go party, I wanna get rich I don’t feel them” – Aj Reynolds.

Seems to be that AJ is only concerned about bettering peoples lives and bringing positive energy and great music to the table when the world asks “Who is AJ Reynolds”. Starring on TV with Diddy, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor and Fergie on The Four on Fox to releasing 2 full albums on apple music and multiple music videos…. The name of his most recent project sums it all up for everyone: “You’re on The Right Path”. But whats got everyone low key excited is the hints of a project with Nox Beats posted on his story over the past year… What is next? Follow AJ to stay in the know. 

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