Bandmanrill, Sha Ek, and MCVERTT Drop “Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3” Video

October 5, 2023 0

unnamed-2-500x500 Bandmanrill, Sha Ek, and MCVERTT Drop “Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3” Video

As the regional sounds of Jersey Club and New York drill continue to permeate the mainstream, Newark’s Bandmanrill and the Bronx’s Sha EK continue to refine and innovate their local flair, with star producer MCVERTT behind the boards. Marking the progression of the cross-Hudson collaborators and the undeniable chemistry they’ve developed, the trio shares their new video for “Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3” (ft. MCVERTT). Taking a chance to air out the increased animosity they sense from enemies, critics, and everyone in between as their profile rises, the video for “Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3” finds Sha and Bandman with ten toes down in the underdog cities that raised them, with the same chips on their shoulders firmly in place. Over MCVERTT’s signature blend of drill-inspired sliding 808s with a Jersey Club five-count kick pattern, Sha and Bandman make it clear that they’re unfazed by the chatter: “I don’t care ‘cause I’m toting that Smith &/They told me, ‘Chill, cause these n****s be snitching’/Steve O signed me and everything changed/I was bummy, now look at me, different.” “Jiggy In Jersey Pt. 3” completes a series of hard-hitting videos that honed the chemistry between Bandmanrill and Sha EK, following “Jiggy In Jersey” (3.7 million views) and the Eurodance-sampling “Jiggy In Jersey, Pt. 2” (2.4 million views).

Watch “Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3” (ft. MCVERTT) HERE

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