Big Esh…1 Verse,Point Made!

April 23, 2023 0

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Hailing from the borough of the G.O.A.T.’s Biggie & Jay Z, comes Brooklyn’s own Tyeshia Gainer aka Big Esh (pronounced “Eeesh”). At the age of 7, she became intrigued with writing short stories, and by age 13 she was writing lyrics and rapping. When asked about influences, without hesitation “Jay Z and Lil’ Wayne!”

With the assistance of team A&R (Steve Gray and Fly Shy of Peezy Tech Music) on marketing, Big Esh is finishing up and preparing for the release of her 7-song promo EP entitled 1 Verse, Point Made.

Why 7 songs? “Because the number 7 symbolizes completeness and perfection.” answers Big Esh in a determined tone.

Meaning of the title? “I kill the track and get my point across in 1 verse”, answers Big Esh with a lot of confidence not to be confused with cockiness.

She is also featured on fellow Brooklyn artist Calmelo’s recently released single “On Everything”, which is rapidly starting to buzz.

Big Esh is not only an artist, but she is also the author of 2 books. The title of the first book is Blurr and the 2nd one is Blurred, both released on Amazon. With all of the talents that Big Esh possess, she is definitely that woman that the world will be checking for.


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