Butta The Preacher – “Signs”

January 6, 2023 0

Screenshot_20230102-235134_2-3-339x500 Butta The Preacher - "Signs"

Award winning Christian hip hop artist Butta The Preacher announces Spring of 2023 he will be releasing his highly anticipated album “My Story 2” Butta says this album took time to develop because he wrote each song in real time of whatever the lyrics and topic reflects. This project is a sermon and testimony on beats of experiences I’ve had past and present that will draw in listeners from all ages, races, and cultures. My hope is that this project grows someone’s faith in Christ by hearing my story. I can’t wait until it releases everywhere.

(Michael Watson) known as Butta the preacher. Born April 21, 1989 hometown is Gary,Indiana is minister, song writer, Christian hip hop artist and motivational speaker.. Is formerly known as (buttagutta) until he accepted his calling in July of 2014 to preach the gospel. He has a powerful ministry and testimony that touch lives all over this world. In December of 2010 he was shot 9 times in an alley and left for dead, but he pulled through by the grace of GOD as he would say. In July of 2014 he was hit by a drunk driver and was airlifted by helicopter to be flown for special care where he underwent multiple surgeries. When the doctors asked him what was his name at the hospital he told them they he is a preacher! And he’s been preacher and teaching every since that day. He’s now the Co owner of Young Blessed Men LLc and he has a desire to reach lives all over the world as he’s now gotten back in the recording studio since 3 years to open up the chapter of music to touch lives that’s inspired by GOD’S word.


IG: @buttathepreacher

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