C2C The Artist That You Should Definitely Know About

April 21, 2023 0

C2C-404x500 C2C The Artist That You Should Definitely Know About

Rhode Island hasn’t been a popular brand in hip-hop for the past few years. While some may say Rhode Island is overlooked and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves,  some light may be ready to shine on new beginnings as this artist provides the state with something new and special to help even the score particularly in the thriving Hip-Hop industry.

Performers like Mike Studd & Sleepy Hallow called RI home.

But there’s still so much to learn.

Although the Covid pandemic has kneecapped the music industry for some time, there is still many artists to discover. And one such artist is C2C (Came 2 Collect).

C2C, which reffers to Came 2 Collect is a rising artist from Providence RI, causing a huge scene in the music industry. 

Lil baby, Future and Lil Durk are the artists who inspired C2C to start his music career. He started doing music in 2019 , and currently has a project on the way called 

“ Operation Save The Neighborhood “. 

It is rare to find a song that instantly clicks the first time you play it. But with C2C’s songs you can be sure of it. He is one of those rarities. A profound introduction to the singer-songwriter, his tracks possesses a soulful essence and prowess that will keep you replaying the songs over and over again. There are colorful grooves and feel-good rhythms in his songs.

The passion that he has for his music is huge, his main goal is to keep making music and inspire millions of people around the world.

You can know more about him on https://instagram.com/bigc2c070

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