Chris Fieldz Inks Multi-Year Deal With EMPIRE Distribution

February 8, 2023 0

Chris-Fieldz-400x500 Chris Fieldz Inks Multi-Year Deal With EMPIRE Distribution

Viral RnB Artist Chris Fieldz has inked a multi-year deal with Empire, a Universal Music Group distributor. The 25-year-old artist met the legendary LA producer  Big Boo when he was only 18 years old, and teamed up with Boo’s Track 9 Studios. It’s been history in the making ever since.

Big Boo first gained notoriety in Los Angeles  for helping develop popular artists like Almighty Suspect and Frostydasnowman very early on in their careers. “There were weeks on end that I crashed there on the couch, eating whatever I could find” Fieldz tells us. “I definitely came from humble beginnings, but now I can tell my family it was all worth it in the end” he continues.

In recent years he has done a great deal of social organizing and philanthropic planning aimed towards desegregating Los Angeles. “A few summers ago I started a Black Lives Matter rally at one of the oldest, most historic, black churches in America— right after some pussy punk rock band that trashed a Denny’s along with a wack job who climbed a freeway sign, backed out. We still had a lot of support, thank God, and over ten thousand people attended including Ben Affleck and Fiona Apple”.

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Ben Affleck at the Black Lives Matter Rally Chris Fieldz Organized in Venice Beach, CA

Aside from his community involvement, the artist has gained traction in his music going viral several times and recently sparking the interest of A&Rs at EMPIRE, a Universal Music Group distributor. He has since inked a multi-year deal with EMPIRE and says he is very happy with the immense talent, genius and resources of the San Francisco based publishing giant. “I’m so incredibly proud to be an EMPIRE artist now—  I even had their logo permanently tattooed very big on my body covering my entire forearm. I’m just incredibly grateful to have such an amazing team of people believing in me and happy to be a part of this winning team”.

Here is a preview of his upcoming first studio album with EMPIRE, “The New Wave EP

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