CYRU$ – The melodic child of New Jersey

January 29, 2023 0

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Jerryn Davon Stokes, the 20-year-old artist from New Jersey, has found his passion through his musical talent. Since performing in his middle school talent shows, his voice aims, to reach audiences. Boundless, many would say to exemplify “CYRU$’s” musical talent. From syrupy melodies – not far apart from dark vibe harmonies. Pastes of heartfelt lyrics like other artists, such as TheHxliday, The Weekend, & Juice Wrld. A breath of fresh air to the Gen Z era of music and heartbroken souls who rely on melodic sound.

CYRU$ has collaborated with BIGBABYGUCCI, TheHxliday, & Rich Amiri; within the mainstream and underground movement. Early 2022, with the single release of their Lost The Roof Freestyle within all platforms, flourished with about 25,000 streams still rising. The stepping stone of CYRU$’s takeoff. Not far after, he released a SoundCloud project with varied tastes in genres, such as Hyper Pop, R&B, & Hip Hop. The project brought in roughly 4,500 streams as well.

CYRU$’s new release, Blue Maserati (Backdoor Story), is about a backdoor attempt to assassinate the new artist for his riches, only for clout. This tones into audiences who are proud fans of Roddy Rich, Lil Baby, & more. It is a new flow, a reach of feel you have yet to hear in Hip Hop.

In 2023, his new project, “The Stepping Stone,” will target audiences to mark his fame. Adlibs will be unheard of and very psychedelic. A different vibe no drug can replicate. It is a taste of what CYRU$’s creativity means to make his first steps as an independent artist.

Versatile, blatantly a prospect and student of the Hip Hop era. He single-handedly made his way and built a fanbase. CYRU$ is one to pay close attention to in the future.

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