Fonzo Is The Lebanese Dj/Producer That You Should Know About

April 19, 2023 0

Fonzo-500x333 Fonzo Is The Lebanese Dj/Producer That You Should Know About

Fonzo ,41, is a talented Lebanese Dj and producer that has been hosted by several countries to play his music , including London , Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Greece. He grew up in Lebanon , and discovered his passion to music on a very young age and immediately started producing his own. He quickly gained positive feedback from friends and family about his music , and then became a Dj 7 years ago , given the nickname Fonzo. Everyone was impressed by Fonzo’s music.

The Lebanese producer used his passion for music to send a message to people that music is the answer , music can unite people towards their goal. After his well-known appearance in the revolution that took place in Lebanon in 2019 , he started working with famous artists around the world . Fonzo established his own studio located in Lebanon called FNZ Studio , known to be the best studio in the Middle East. His fine work evolves around working on the best quality sounds.

Fonzo decided to start releasing music every month from now on , after his two latest tracks Reload and Down The Road were absolute hits. He is already booked in several countries for the next few months .

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