From Shark Tank to Royalty: Mary Jane’s Climb in San Jose’s Rap Scene

March 20, 2023 0

E58848D7-D3C4-492B-9271-629C44089C29-500x500 From Shark Tank to Royalty: Mary Jane's Climb in San Jose's Rap Scene

You have probably been somewhere else for the previous two decades if you have not heard of Mary Jane. Tank Royalty, a San Jose-based rapper, has now been making a splash in the music world from her launch on the Shark Tank collection in 1999.

However, it’s not simply Mary Jane’s length inside the game which sets her unique from either the rest.

She was additionally one of the initial original artists to sign with Hush’emup Records, a family-run company founded in 2005. And her voice has been included on a number of artist records all across the years, solidifying her place as a real queen in San Jose’s rap industry.

Among the most interesting facts of Mary Jane’s songs seems to be the way she attempts to incorporate fun and wit into her vocals. It’s evident because she does not always take herself too personally, and her feeling of levity is contagious. Mary Jane’s lyrics have always been worth listening to, if she’s still rapping concerning love, money, or simply everything in life.

Mary Jane has recently collaborated with great producer Basebeatz on a new tune called “Pressure,” which features the iconic Gangsta Boo from Three Six Mafia. This collaboration is significant in far more ways than just one: it’s additionally the first time a Bay Area artist and producer has collaborated with Gangsta Boo, yet another tribute to her following her untimely death on January 1st, 2023.

This song has significant value for Mary Jane. Gangsta Boo was the artist that inspired her to rap the way she does, and working with her was a dream come true. In “Pressure,” Mary Jane and Basebeatz pay tribute to Gangsta Boo’s legacy and ensure that her impact on the rap game is never forgotten.

If you haven’t already followed Mary Jane on Instagram, you’re missing out on some real amusement. Her page is full of humorous jokes, behind-the-scenes footage of her recording process, and, of course, fire selfies. And if you aren’t already a lover of her music, now is the time to start. Mary Jane is a real San Jose legend, and her rap legacy becomes stronger with each passing year.

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