From UK to the US: Bikia Mbiba’s Quest for Hip-Hop Stardom

May 9, 2023 0

FIVERR_20230508_103637_4885059713588993211-375x500 From UK to the US: Bikia Mbiba's Quest for Hip-Hop Stardom

Grab onto your positions, ladies and gentlemen, for Bikia Mbiba, an emerging hip-hop star from the UK, is about to become a phenomenon! With his varied approach, which combines the timeless boom bap sounds of the 1990s along with the lyrical trap genre of the present day, this fresh-faced musician is on an expedition to completely dominate the American rap landscape.

Right now, I get the thought you’re thinking: isn’t there always another hip-hop artist attempting to break through the borders of the US? We’ve observed too many of those. But believe me when I say that Bikia Mbiba is not an ordinary rapper. He is capable of making it possible since he is confident, cool, and skillful.

Start by listening to his musical output. Has anyone heard SoundCloud’s “Why U Call”? If not, put an end to everything that you’re engaging in and listen. The song is a banger, featuring Bikia’s effortless delivery and memorable melody over a captivating rhythm that will have you bobbing your head along.

But Bikia’s adaptability is precisely what really makes him stand out. He can rap just as effectively over 90s boom bap rhythms with toughness as he can over Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti’s dreamy, melodic trap instrumentals. It’s as if he had access to a time machine that enables him to transport himself among the most recent developments of the current trap culture and the golden age of hip-hop.

Then there is his public character. Bikia Mbiba emanates coolness with his carefree manner and self-assured swagger. He possesses that “it” quality that compels people to support him and encourage him to achieve his objectives. Additionally, he has a wonderful sense of humor, something he frequently displays on his networking platforms. He has the ability to keep you amused and laughing.

So, will Bikia Mbiba become the newest hip-hop sensation in America? Time will only tell. He has the skill, the motivation, and the personality to make a big impression, that much is certain. Who knows that hopefully in the future we’ll see him work together with some of the greatest artists, like Travis Scott or Kendrick Lamar.

Let’s take it easy now and enjoy the journey till then. Because it will undoubtedly be crazy with Bikia Mbiba on the mic.

Listen to Bust A Hoe by Bikia Mbiba on #SoundCloud

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