Fun Vegas Tips For Visitors During Lil Baby’s It’s Only Us Tour

July 13, 2023 0

For one night in August, Grammy-nominated artist Lil Baby will light up Las Vegas Boulevard as part of the It’s Only Us Tour. Performing out of the T-Mobile Arena, he’s joined by Rylo Rodriguez, GloRilla, The Kid LAROI, Hunxho, and Gloss Up.


While it’s just one of 34 dates, it’s sure to be one of the biggest. If you’re planning a Vegas trip for this event, or any event in the future, we’ve got you covered with these tips. Fortunately, Vegas is the easiest city in the world to find entertainment – here are some suggestions.


Try Gambling

Starting with the most obvious option first – you can gamble in Vegas. It’s what the city was built off, after all. For most, it’s just a way of having fun and sightseeing a lot of the iconic buildings from movies and music videos, like Caesars Palace or the Bellagio. If you’ve never been before, hitting the usual tourist traps is a great idea.

Beyond that, there are even more gambling opportunities through your mobile phone. If you’ve seen the Strip before, you’re operating on a budget, or you’d rather play from the comfort of your hotel room, then you can find slots real money games online to keep you occupied. It’s a quick and convenient way of gambling, and online casinos give offers like deposit bonuses so you can put in $100 and get $350 to play with.


Eat Early

The gig starts at 7 PM and if you hate crowds, you’ll probably want to get there early to beat them, right? Don’t make the mistake of trying to go to a restaurant at peak hours. Vegas’ celebrity restaurants like Hell’s Kitchen or buffets like Wicked Spoon are busiest between 5 and 8 PM. So, if you’re planning to grab lunch, plan it carefully to avoid being caught up.

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For a quick bite, Buddy Valastro’s Pizza Cake is right on the strip outside Harrah’s Hotel & Casino and is open from 12 PM till 4 AM. They even have a cake ATM that works 24/7, if you have a sweet tooth.


Other Entertainment In Vegas

If you’re staying in Vegas for the whole weekend of the 4th to the 6th, you should stretch your legs and see other sights in the area. Once the IOU tour has moved on, stick around and make your trip into the desert even more memorable.

You can do this by going to tourist spots that are outside of the city proper. Yes, that could mean the Grand Canyon, but it isn’t everybody’s ideal day out. Lake Mead is a good alternative where you can hire ATV tours, especially if you can visit the nearby Hoover Dam.

If leaving Vegas isn’t an option or you don’t want to deal with Mojave heat, downtown Vegas has its old strip and container park, for gambling and shopping without the Strip price tag attached. There’s also the Neon Museum or the Coca-Cola Store, niche areas where you can score merch and drinks.

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