Iman Nunez and Dizzy Banko Drop “Growing Pains”

June 13, 2023 0

unnamed-39-281x500 Iman Nunez and Dizzy Banko Drop “Growing Pains”

As premiered on BET Jams, Iman Nunez takes no time to discuss “Growing Pains” in his newest video. The song focuses on how Iman has to separate from his old life to elevate in his new one. He opens the video right away with the lines: “I love your soul but I cannot have you around me. I’m working to be better than I am and you’re just stuck on who I was so I can’t have you drown me. No disrespect but we ain’t kids no more and now I got more people that I’m providing for…”


“Growing Pains” is from Iman’s two-track project What’s Next?. The Haysuse-produced song reflects some themes from the two-pack including: being limitless, maintaining the fire for your passions, and making sacrifices for greater things.  


The TwentyTwoTime shot visual has Iman and Dizzy Banko rapping at a variety of locations from gardens to boroughs to a spacious room with color-changing lights. Dizzy Banko raps about how he moves like a vet and is aware of how time is money in his career. He shouts out his day 1’s and states that he’ll stay down for them through anything. 

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