JT Campos Drops Hot Remix “Juana Marijuana” Featuring Baby Bash, El Dusty, Gringo the MC & Tino Cochino

December 8, 2023 0

JT-Campos-500x388 JT Campos Drops Hot Remix "Juana Marijuana" Featuring Baby Bash, El Dusty, Gringo the MC & Tino Cochino

In an electrifying fusion of reggaeton and hip hop, rapper and actor Joseph T. Campos Stage name JT Campos has released his latest single, “Juana Marijuana (Remix).” The track not only showcases Campos’ undeniable talent in the music realm but also features a lineup that includes the likes of Baby Bash, El Dusty, Gringo the MC, and Tino Cochino.

Campos, known for his dynamic presence on and off-screen, has left an indelible mark as an actor, particularly for his role in the Netflix hit series “Queen of the South.” Now, he’s proving that his talents extend far beyond the screen with the release of this explosive remix that seamlessly blends the infectious beats of reggaeton with the gritty lyricism of hip hop.

“Juana Marijuana (Remix)” is one of those bops that even when you can’t understand the lyrics you’re still humming and dancing along to the song. The reggaeton influence adds a sultry and rhythmic touch, while the hip hop elements bring an urban edge that is sure to resonate with a diverse audience.

Baby Bash, known for his chart-topping hits, brings his signature flow to the track, complemented by El Dusty’s skills that infused a dynamic energy into the beat. Gringo the MC and Tino Cochino add their own lyrical magic, creating a synergy that elevates “Juana Marijuana (Remix)” to a whole new level. Whether you’re a fan of reggaeton, hip hop, or simply appreciate the fusion of different genres, JT Campos and his talented cohort have delivered a certified banger that’s sure to dominate playlists and dance floors alike.

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