King.Kidd Is A Conscious Artist Crafting Authentic Music Inspired by Life’s Balance

July 25, 2023 0

original-360x500 King.Kidd Is A Conscious Artist Crafting Authentic Music Inspired by Life's Balance

In the bustling world of music, few artists manage to strike a perfect balance between raw authenticity and creativity that captures the essence of life’s chaos and beauty. King.Kidd, a talented Hip Hop artist with a touch of RnB and pop, effortlessly weaves conscious poetry into her music.

When asked about her inspiration, King.Kidd shares how she finds motivation in the world itself. From chaos to love, destruction to harmony, she embraces the duality of life. This profound balance allows her to craft something beautiful, pulling from both the good and bad experiences to create heartfelt and meaningful music.

As a conscious poet, King.Kidd’s music transcends the conventional boundaries of Hip Hop. She effortlessly infuses her real-life experiences into her songs, making each track a reflection of her beliefs and observations. Authenticity remains at the core of her artistry, and she proudly stays true to herself on and off the mic. This steadfast commitment has garnered a dedicated fanbase, drawn to her genuine expression and unique perspective.

King.Kidd is a proud advocate of her community, and if a friend visited her, she’d take them on a memorable journey through some local hotspots. Starting with The Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, they’d enjoy the performances of rising artists. Next, they’d savor the delectable crab legs at The Boiling Crab in Dallas, experiencing some of the best seafood in Texas. The night would culminate in the vibrant streets of Deep Ellum, where they’d immerse themselves in the city’s lively nightlife and embrace the artistry of street performers.

In her journey to success, King.Kidd recognizes the profound impact of supportive individuals. She dedicates a special shoutout to her Producer, Beatnerd Hub, who not only became a close friend but also understood her vision and helped find her unique sound. Additionally, King.Kidd appreciates the significant role of Douglas Elliot, a staunch supporter who connected her with influential circles that accelerated her career.DJ Tony Snow also played a crucial role, guiding and supporting her after the loss of Beatnerd Hub, offering opportunities to perform with Texas legends like Dorrough Music and Paul Wall. Finally, King.Kidd extends her gratitude to Queenz Catering, a culinary partner who always provides delectable food for her shows at The Rail Club Live.




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