Korsah Presents a View of His World on the Poignant “Hater.” 

July 24, 2023 0

image1-1 Korsah Presents a View of His World on the Poignant “Hater.” 

One of Korsah’s notable collaborations is the Kofi Mole-assisted “Show Something” which made waves in the Ghanaian music scene upon its release. Korsah has also worked with other Ghanaian music acts such as Flowking Stone and has gained the reputation of being the spearhead of the Afro hip-hop movement.

As an artist, Korsah continues refining his music style and has become a force to consider in the Afro-pop genre. With his singular blend of intimate songwriting, rich melodies, and hard-hitting rap verses, Korsah is carving out a niche for himself in the music industry and is on his way to becoming one of the most prolific African musicians of our time.

This Ghanaian Afro-pop artist has successfully blended different music styles to create a unique and captivating sound. His music speaks to the African experience while also having a universal appeal. He continues to evolve as an artist, and we can expect great things from him in the future.

From the cinematography to the sense of celebration, Korsah offers scenes from his soul on “Hater.” The color scheme embraces a vibrancy, and the coordination of the many different shades lends the song an immediate intimacy. A sense of dance evolves throughout the video – from the cars interweaving amongst each other to the people. Everything here explores the environment, reflecting a living, breathing vibrancy. Korsah invites the viewer into his world, slowly introducing them in small, measured, and meaningful ways. He pays close attention to patterns, and the number of reoccurring themes within the video is extraordinary, given the short duration. 

The group stands around, and the angles allow the viewer to see every aspect of the environment. Cars have a playfulness behind them, from their colors to the paint that is lovingly expressed upon them. He has a sense of showing a friend around, as he does not let others bring him down. A significant understanding of self proves essential to how the visuals feel. He allows these colors to run through, from the aqua mint aesthetic to the rims and everything else. The way the industrial aesthetic influences the visuals adds to this intimacy of the piece, with the song feeling like an introduction to a series of long-time friends. The concrete of the beginning gives way to the abstract blooms of reds and blues that close out the final scenes. 

“Hater” reveals Korsah to be an artist in every sense of the word. 

Korsah – Hater (Official Music Video) – YouTube. 

“Daily Bread” his most recent drop, highlights Korsah’s distinctive blend of contemporary melodic Hip-Hop with gospel influences, resulting in a timeless and unparalleled sound. With its powerful message and inspiring music, “Daily Bread” is bound to resonate with listeners worldwide.

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