Lil Xan’s Single “So Pretty” is a Love Letter To His Fans

July 28, 2023 0

Screen-Shot-2023-07-27-at-6.33.38-PM Lil Xan’s Single “So Pretty” is a Love Letter To His Fans

When asked about the inspiration behind debuting “So Pretty” Xan said “ So Pretty represents a love letter to my fans. It mixes my throwback whacky/ energy that fans first fell in love with and my new evolved sound paying homage to the love that has been shown over the years.”

‘So Pretty’ is a song with relatable lyrics over a fun breezy beat setting it making it the perfect party song. It’s hard not to feel powerful when singing along to the  lyrics such as “walking inside the club and I’m looking so pretty”. The hook is catchy and the beat hypnotizes. It’s easy for a listener to get caught up in the rhythm of the beat and miss the more explicit nature of the song.

Each listen to ‘So Pretty’ reveals something new about the song.With the lightheartedness of the beat for  ‘So Pretty’ it’s easy for fans to get hypnotized and want to just dance. Lyrics like “licking on her feet” are just a prelude to the shock that awaits listeners. 

“I’m super excited to share new music and a new sound. I want to still connect with my original fans. So Pretty is an evolution of my throwback sounds vibe. It is my way of saying I love the fans for all the support over the years” says Lil Xan.

‘So Pretty’ produced by J Rod, Rio Leyva, and Outta Space is available on all major platforms.

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