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Over time, artists and producers continually grow in terms of popularity, skill, and reputation. Aus.God is no exception and has emerged as one of the rising stars in the music industry. Despite facing numerous challenges on his path to becoming a music producer, his journey to success serves as an inspiration to many.

From a young age, Aus.God turned to music as a means of self-expression and creativity. However, he later shifted his focus to sports, particularly basketball, which took him to various places. Eventually, Aus.God realized that he had been relying on sports as a distraction from his problems, rather than embracing his true identity and purpose in life. It was in 2018, when he suffered an injury before the start of a basketball season during his junior year of college, that he rediscovered his passion for music. While sidelined, Aus.God began honing his production skills by creating beats on his laptop. This experience ignited a spark within him, propelling him towards his ambitious career aspirations.

Through his unwavering passion and hard work, Aus.God’s efforts paid off, and he is now collaborating with renowned artists such as Drake, Future, and Hotboii. This success can be attributed to a connection he made on Twitter with a producer named ATL Jacob. Aus.God went from producing beats on a MacBook Air while nursing an ankle injury to co-producing a hit single with Hotboii and Future. His story exemplifies the limitless potential of individuals and the ability to overcome challenges when driven by passion and belief. The breakthrough moment in his career came with the song “Dess Dior,” leading to a series of opportunities and eventually establishing a working relationship with ATL Jacob in the coveted Atlanta music scene. Aus.God has since worked with Rylo Rodriguez, Armani White, DDG, Real Boston Richey, Seddy Hendrinx, and others. Like any artist, Aus.God has faced his fair share of obstacles, including a lack of understanding from his parents about his chosen path and financial constraints that prevented him from traveling to Atlanta, forcing him to rely on crashing at friends’ apartments during visits to Los Angeles (LA). These challenges have shaped him into the person he is today. According to Aus.God himself, authenticity and a genuine passion for music should be the driving force behind entering the industry, rather than monetary gain.

In the coming years, Aus.God has set ambitious goals of simultaneously becoming a platinum record producer and a professional basketball player, aiming to align his music with his lifestyle. Given his demonstrated passion and hard work over the years, he is well-positioned to achieve this feat. Aus.God also creates his own music and recently released a single featuring Lougotcash titled “Fallin,” with plans for a solo project in the near future. This record combines his New York roots with the influence he gained from his time in Los Angeles. To stay updated on Aus.God’s work, journey, and progress, you can find him on Instagram at (

Undeniably, Aus.God’s captivating story and inspiring personality make him an artist and producer that many will continue to follow and support time and time again.

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