Meet Peezy Tech Music A&R….STEVE GRAY

February 6, 2023 0

IMG_0946-500x394 Meet Peezy Tech Music A&R....STEVE GRAY

Steve Gray(say his WHOLE DAMN name!),has had a love for music,since he was a kid.He knew that he wanted to be in the Music Industry,when he joined the middle school choir,and the girls went crazy whenever he did a solo.His talents gained him an artist/ songwriter deal with Lenard Brown,member of the group The Controllers,

who were signed to M.C.A.Records.The situation never materialized,and years later, he formed a group with friend,Chris Griffin(FINAL CHAPTER).They released a single/album,& had some regional success.

IMG_0813-500x375 Meet Peezy Tech Music A&R....STEVE GRAY

Present day,2023,Steve Gray(say his WHOLE

DAMN name!),is A&R for Peezy Tech Music,label of 5 time Grammy nominated, chart topping producer,Sam Peezy. He,along with “Fly Shy”,Sr.VP of A&R, are over the labels’ two flagship artists,Selah Avery(Queen of Worship Soul) & Detroit rapper Kin6 Kashius’ projects. See more on Steve Gray,@

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