P Grant new single “Holy Ghost” feat. Pic Chambuz & Kenny B a new anointing to Hiphop!

November 28, 2023 0

268F5E81-9D62-4742-92E9-AA775DAF119A P Grant new single “Holy Ghost" feat. Pic Chambuz & Kenny B a new anointing to Hiphop!

P Grant, the dynamic force behind 78 West Ent, continues to make waves in the music industry with his latest release, “Holy Ghost,” featuring the exceptional talents of Pic Chambuz from N.C and the promising new artist from Brooklyn Kenny B.

Following P Grant’s tremendous success of his previous singles, including the acclaimed “Whitney Houston,” which garnered immense recognition, P Grant solidifies his position as a trailblazer in hip-hop. Hailing from New Jersey, P Grant’s collaborations with icons like French Montana and Young Buck have further established his reputation as an artist with an extraordinary knack for spitting over infectious beats and creating compelling narratives.

Joining P Grant on “Holy Ghost” are Pic Chambuz, revered as the premier underground lyricist from North Carolina, known for his poetic prowess and thought-provoking verses. Kenny B, a rising star from Brooklyn and a recent addition to the 78 West Ent roster, graces the track with his captivating vocals and infectious hook.

“The collaboration on ‘Holy Ghost‘ embodies the essence of unity and musical synergy,” remarked P Grant. “Pic Chambuz and Kenny B bring their unparalleled talents to the table, enriching the song’s depth and diversity.”
This latest release further cements 78 West Ent’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and delivering groundbreaking music that transcends boundaries.

img1-3 P Grant new single “Holy Ghost" feat. Pic Chambuz & Kenny B a new anointing to Hiphop!

78 West Ent continues to be a platform for artists like P Grant, Pic Chambuz, Kenny B and many more to shine. P Grant expressed how this collaboration with Chambuz & Kenny B exemplify the fusion of artistry and innovation between New Jersey, New York & North Carolina.

Holy Ghost” is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting audiences to experience the seamless blend of P Grant’s lyrical genius, Pic Chambuz lyrical prowess, along with Kenny B’s infectious melodies. This single “Holy Ghost”, is trend breaker and a music have on your playlist!

About P Grant: P Grant is a hiphop artist, producer, writer, actor and owner of 78 West Ent, known for his chart-topping releases and collaborations with industry heavyweights. His commitment to innovation continues to shape hip-hop’s landscape.

About Pic Chambuz: Hailing from North Carolina, Pic Chambuz is celebrated as an underground lyricist, revered for his poignant storytelling and artistic depth.

About Kenny B: Kenny B, emerging from Brooklyn, represents the new wave of talent, bringing fresh energy and infectious melodies to the music scene. As an artist on 78 West Ent, he showcases immense promise and potential.

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