P.H. Delivers “Toxic Ways” Just In Time For The Summer.

June 10, 2023 0

B3E319B5-516F-4414-9740-BA20042D8C58-356x500 P.H. Delivers “Toxic Ways” Just In Time For The Summer.

P.H., the Chicago raised-Tampa based rapper, is ready to start off the summertime off with a rather “Toxic way” about it. Get it? The Title. From releasing his album, “Big Facts” last September to releasing his latest #PHTuesdays (available on soundcloud) mixtape in March, P.H. says “it’s all about consistency and momentum.”

Now in June, P.H. delivers “Toxic Ways” which is produced by long-time friend 93 Chris. “Toxic Ways” details most young relationships where you feel one way at one moment then another in the next. These days the big word is “Toxic” and some of our past relationships can sum up to that one word. P.H. explains how it’s time to move on and focus on what’s in front of you. “My music, my business, & my family are what’s in front of me now. I don’t have time worrying about if you’re with me or against me. I’m going to do me regardless.” P.H. shares. “I want to start off the summer off with just getting rid of the negativity and start fresh. It’s so many moves to be distracted by a relationship that’s not going anywhere. That can be a friend, partner, teacher, or even spouse. Let go, be free.”

P.H. also informs us there is more to come from the producer-rapper combo!

“Toxic Ways” is available on all streaming sites! Follow P.H. @officialp_h_ on Instagram.

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