PMG King Is Building a Musical Empire From Behind Prison Walls

May 12, 2023 0

PMJ-king-1-375x500 PMG King Is Building a Musical Empire From Behind Prison Walls

When your talent is authentic as PMG King, not even prison can hold your music from shaking up the streets.

Robert King is the 29 year old Chesapeake VA native who goes by the rap alias PMG King. Combining his nickname, King along with PintsMoneyGas created by his close friend Ray, it inspired his moniker. Beginning his rap career while in Sussex 1 state prison, PMG King is channelling his experience from living in IPSWICH where he caught his first charge through his music. With a 5-year prison sentence hanging over his head for malicious wounding and shooting into an occupied dwelling in a burglary, he is putting in work with the PintsMoneyGas team behind bars in preparation for his 2024 release.

His music has captivated fans with its real rhymes that paint tales and lessons from the life that molded him. Music is his therapy in life’s madness and audiences gravitate to the realism of his songs. PMG King has accomplishments that are proof of his momentum in the industry. All from behind bars, he has released singles “Both Ways” and “Killin Em” with his PMG team and is not only swiftly gaining followers on Spotify, but has also achieved trending status on Spinrilla.

With his buzz growing, PMG King has partnered with Trapaholics and DjRell for his debut mixtape “From The Cell To The Booth.” The title is telling of the future that awaits at the point of his release from behind bars. The rap game is about to be overtaken by the VA rapper, and with his current singles already doing numbers on streaming platforms, it’s no doubt that his mixtape will blow the minds of fans. PMG King is keeping the date of the project under wraps for a surprise drop – one you won’t want to miss.

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