Quelly Woo Is All About “Time And Perseverance”

March 19, 2023 0

unnamed-35-500x500 Quelly Woo Is All About “Time And Perseverance”

Quelly Woo’s newest EP Time And Perseverance, released through EQUITY DISTRIBUTION (EQ), is a modern-day guide on how to survive in the concrete jungle of New York City. Prior to the EP’s release, his lead single Time and Perseverance covered the fatigue that comes with scraping his way through Canarsie. 


The project does not include any guest features. Quelly’s intention to not include any featured artists was completely by design, to show the world what he is capable of and can do on his own. 


Time and Perseverance show how introspective Quelly has been with his journey thus far in hip-hop. His song “Crafty” covers why Quelly can come off as antisocial towards his peers as he fights his inner demons. The closing track “Glory” stems away from a typical drill instrumental with the inclusion of peaceful guitar strings and snaps to create a sense of intimacy with Quelly and the listeners. Quelly goes on to rap about persevering over betrayal and the death of his grandmother who saw his star power when no one else did. 


Quelly said, “Good things take time. Life is full of hardship and obstacles and the way you handle it defines who you are. I had to stop letting the things I go through hinder me, in order to see the bigger picture. Stay persistent no matter the obstacles or the doubt, Time & Perseverance conquers all.”


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