R.G.N Raf Follows Up With New Single “Lose Control” Featuring BLUBLOOD

January 28, 2023 0

1 R.G.N Raf Follows Up With New Single "Lose Control" Featuring BLUBLOOD

R.G.N Raf is not coming to play with the release of his newest single “Lose Control” featuring BLUBLOOD — which is now available on all digital streaming platforms. The Queens-resider has always kept music in his cards, but the last five years have been all about execution, and his supporters have heard a series of quality releases since he took a leap into becoming a dedicated  recording artist. The growth and passion are all evident in releases like “Lose Control” featuring BLUBLOOD which follows up his previous single “18 Poppin” featuring Davee. Stepping into the new year with some motivating and feel-good tunes, R.G.N Raf’s music generally falls under the genre of hip-hop, with hints of afro-fusion and soul.

“Lose Control” featuring BLUBLOOD is one of those hearty and fun tracks that comes right in time for the end of the winter, leading right into the warm, sunny days and lit summer nights. It provides that mix of afro-fusion mentioned above, alongside some calm melodies and lyricism. As supporters await the official visual, they can enjoy the track among all DSP’s and subscribe to R.G.N Raf’s YouTube to see more releases throughout the year. For those new to R.G.N Raf, be sure to stream “Lose Control” featuring BLUBLOOD here.

For more enjoyment, please stream the official visual for “18 Poppin” featuring Davee below:

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