SCY Jimm shares new video single “Selling Slabs”

June 30, 2023 0

unnamed-1-30-500x500 SCY Jimm shares new video single "Selling Slabs"

The newest QC signee, Florida’s SCY Jimm, has just shared his new video single “Selling Slabs”. The new track serves as a follow-up to his recently-released two-pack of singles, “In Too Deep” & “Wrecked the Cat” – released just a week after SCY Jimm was the victim of a targeted shooting in Daytona. On his celebratory new track “Selling Slabs”SCY Jimm reflects on how far his music has taken him while simultaneously flexing the perks of his lavish Floridian lifestyle and asserting his dominance as an animated emcee with an ever-clear delivery. “I don’t see no competition / Shows back to back, I’m booked up, composition / And my jeans say Amiri, this ain’t no True Religion / I can teach you somethin’, all you gotta do is listen”, he raps charismatically – continuing to carve out his own distinct lane and relishing in his success. With each subsequent release, SCY Jimm is expanding upon his unique skill set, which comes complete with detailed storytelling, evident diversity and an array of imaginative flows. With “Selling Slabs” as just the latest example, SCY Jimm is actively working to further separate himself as a central member and clear standout in Florida’s scene.


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