Seed, the Engineer, Shares Insight into His Music Industry Journey

April 8, 2023 0


17456A5B-E3EC-4B55-B616-2B113543F221-500x334 Seed, the Engineer, Shares Insight into His Music Industry Journey  Reggie Shelton, better known as Seed, the Engineer, has shared his story on how he pursued a career in the music industry, the challenges he faced, and how he adapts to changes in the industry.

Seed started his music journey writing songs and playing guitar with his sister as a kid. Later, he began producing and DJing while learning the advanced technology, theory, and tools required to operate a new AV system for his church. He became a studio intern and worked with different music genres while at school. Seed graduated from school during the pandemic and started working with Empire, taking on his clients while continuing with his church duties and live gigs.

Seed’s inspiration to pursue a career in the music industry is fueled by his love for music. Despite the industry changes that he has faced, Seed has learned to roll with the punches and optimize technology to operate at a high capacity. He faces people and time as the biggest challenges and has learned to set boundaries to balance his work and personal life.

Seed keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry by networking with colleagues, attending sessions, and being open-minded to learning. He recently worked on the sound production of Skywalker Ranch’s “She Hulk,” which was nominated for a Golden Reel Award. He is also proud of branching out and recording more orchestras and small ensembles.

Seed believes in doing what’s best for the song, being transparent, and having feasible plans that can be executed with minimal variation. He advises those starting in the

industry to keep an open mind and work hard, even when the timeline doesn’t go as planned.

Seed’s approach to collaboration is teamwork focused, with the goal of doing what’s best for the song. As he states, “we make it happen. We don’t make excuses.”

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