Shordie Shordie Drops ‘A Life For Two’

April 28, 2023 0

unnamed-79-500x500 Shordie Shordie Drops 'A Life For Two'

RIAA Certified Double-Platinum Baltimore artist Shordie Shordie shares new narrative-driven project A Life For Two via Warner Records.

Highlighted by its two passionate singles, “How High” & “Thug Life”A Life For Two is a succinct display of Shordie Shordie‘s raw storytelling abilities and his colorfully melodic sound. Loosely based on a real-life love affair, Shordie Shordie takes listeners on a journey through a passionate yet star-crossed relationship similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

From expressing the depths of his affection on tracks like “In Love” to pleading for closure on tracks like “Remember Me Sober” (feat. 03 Greedo), Shordie Shordie uses each subsequent track to advance the narrative. Through its sonic peaks and valleys, the conceptual new project is anchored by Shordie Shordie‘s charismatic personality and creative vocal inflections. With features from the U.K.’s Octavian to West Coast legend 03 GreedoShordie Shordie‘s wide-ranging appeal is on full display.

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