Superplastic Partners with Virgin Music

July 24, 2023 0

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Leading global entertainment brand Superplastic announced its expansion into music today with an explosive performance by new 3D animated
hip-hop duo Ghost Kidz, live on stage and streaming to over a million fans at Rolling Loud Miami 2023.

Ghost Kidz rappers Lil’ ILL and Filth-E broke into the festival’s sound booth, hacking the servers and hijacking the main stage in the minutes before headliner Lil Uzi Vert’s set. The pair took control of both sound and IMAG screens and improvised a raucous freestyle rap before premiering their first music video for the hit single “Goin’ Off,” featuring Vince Staples, to a crowd of tens of thousands of festival attendees and 1M global viewers on the livestream.

Featuring lightning-fast verses by Lil’ ILL and Filth-E, “Goin’ Off” tells the story of how the group burst onto the scene, bolstered by scorching verses by special guest Vince Staples, a longtime friend of the brand and Superplastic collaborator. Watch the music video for “Goin’ Off,” here. “Goin’ Off” follows “HA HA,” the group’s rambunctious turn-it-up first drop, which features the duo’s trademark snarling verses over a rattling 808-bass heavy production.

Leading up to the festival, Ghost Kidz spent several weeks on a haunted road trip from LA to Miami in their 1968 Lincoln Continental. The duo left chaos and destruction in their wake as they evaded the law and encountered guest vocalist Staples and Superplastic synthetic celebrities Janky, Dayzee, and Guggimon, the official manager of Ghost Kidz.

Ghost Kidz are the first artists to be signed by Superplastic Records, and are distributed by Virgin Music. Previously shrouded in secrecy, their jaw-dropping festival moment revealed the true animated identities of Ghost Kidz for the first time. Lil’ ILL and Filth-E are voiced by two prominent hip hop artists, who at present have chosen to remain anonymous. In creating Ghost Kidz, the new label has teamed up with a committee of hip-hop legends who will continue to help shape the future of the project.

Superplastic’s expansion into music is a natural progression for the boundary-pushing entertainment brand that continues to reimagine animated storytelling and entertainment. Earlier this year, Superplastic announced a multifaceted collaboration with Amazon that spans investment, a streaming show currently in development starring virtual superstars Janky & Guggimon, and a first-look deal with Amazon Studios.

Superplastic regularly collaborates with celebrities, musicians, and artists — including Vince Staples, who debuted the ‘Heartbreaker’ capsule collection at Complexcon, which was inspired by Staples’ album “Ramona Park Broke My Heart.” Other music collaborators include Reggaeton artist J. Balvin and the virtual band Gorillaz. “Superplastic is a collaborative, artist-first company. Releasing music has been part of our plan for as long as we’ve been partnering with musicians to create art,” said Galen McKamy, Chief Creative Officer of Superplastic. “Ghost Kidz are a force of nature, and as their label, we are here to support their creative vision.

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