The ‘Come Back King’ South Carolina Artist Nu Karolina Talks Returning to Hip-Hop

April 12, 2023 0
8DEE4A43-E788-4E49-8A11-5C2E4F348C31 The ‘Come Back King’ South Carolina Artist Nu Karolina Talks Returning to Hip-Hop
Back from out of a long hiatus South Carolina rapper Nu Karolina is returning to the scene and preparing to drop NEW music. Hailing from a small town in South Carolina called Florence, the artist is re-visiting the game recently off a sentence for an unknown violation, the buzzing artist comes from a small town where hungry musicians are itching to break mainstream.
Starting out doing music at the age of 14, Nu Karolina not only managed to grow a budding fan base, but he’s been very focused on maintaining his dedicated work ethic to reach new levels! The music business opens its doors to the artists who somehow manage to not only out work but stand out against the millions of other names doing the same thing. As a rapper hailing from South Carolina, this is an artist who is going to bring diversity into the rap game.
Before officially going solo he was in a rap group but branched out on his own for creative differences. Falling into his own rhythm with building his career he began dropping singles to build up his buzz. His first mixtape Villeside Don Dada gained him the popularity to start growing his name in his city and the rest was history! Following that project with Troubled Child perfectly showcased how hungry he is and willingly ready to please his fans consistently.
Before getting his best foot in front of him, the budding rapper had to sit down for a while after running into some trouble. He had to do some time for an alleged shooting which although gives him the bad boy image also requires him to make better decisions moving forward.
Today Nu Karolina is outside, ready to work, and promises he won’t be letting anyone down!!! He has been in the studio grinding and gearing up to release new projects Karolina TrakkBoy and Troubled Child 2: The Black Goat! He also plans to drop his debut clothing line this summer.
“I’m going to beat this case and turn my city up the right way. The way it’s supposed to be done. My goal is to have all eyes on me” Nu Karolina
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