The Making of SupremeClayy

April 14, 2023 0

9147CBB3-53BC-4FD0-9061-50ECC0987D8C-491x500 The Making of SupremeClayy

SupremeClayy shows off witty punchlines with clean transition thru the Las Vegas experience. The 70s was truly the inspiration sonically, with woke punchlines to match. “I’m heavy affirmations bul. They start my day and empower me weekly. Most people have been thru painful situations and we are just trying to help them find the light. Hopefully with this project we give them a game plan to turn it around!” Dashous Clayy states.

After hearing the first few songs you can tell this is going to be dark horse in the independent arena. “This has been big for me. Every-time we have been in the studio, magic has occurred. I’ve done collabs with a few people but you can’t fake true vibes and that’s what we got here. Dash is not only super talented but very inspirational and you will hear that come out in our music.” Dash continued: “This doesn’t happen unless it’s organic, natural and every-time we would get to the studio all the pain releases. It has been truly therapeutic. Some days we didn’t even make no music, we just chopped it up about real things going on with each other. Man we just out here trying to avoid the French onions lol.”

Later in the interview, Jay Supreme talked about the concept of the SupremeClayy album. “Dash had a few titles stashed off. We really needed this to work and to make it deliver a supreme sound. We just wanted that feel like…that special feeling you know. Most importantly keep it Vegas. Instead of just giving the listeners the typical concepts” he said. With that being said get in-tuned with the movement SupremeClayy is creating.

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