Up And Coming Hip Hop Superstars B.T. THE ARTIST and DIAMOND WHITE

April 8, 2023 0

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Up And Coming Hip Hop Superstars B.T. THE ARTIST AND DIAMOND WHITE an artist, a doctor, philanthropist & humanitarian partner with New York Based Prestige Brands to take on World Hunger and Climate Change.

As a result of the world economic problems and climate crisis, humanitarian funding and Philanthropic resources are very limited. There is an enormous Humanitarian crisis currently in Gambia and Madagascar for basic food, medicine, and clothing in Gambia, Madagascar, and other Third World countries. These countries, along with others, are suffering sadly.

Around 90 percent of families in southern Madagascar depend on agriculture, livestock, and fishing activities. However, the prolonged drought, sandstorms, and pest infestations in the region have led to an almost to In the country of Gambia Those who are mainly dependent on farming are the most hungry, yet agriculture employs 46% of the population – up to 80% in rural areas.

Climate-related crises continuously hurt the availability and price of food, pushing more and more families into hunger and the collapse of such activities, causing hunger and displacement. Hip Hop Music is the world’s most influential and dominant musical force. It is a voice for the current and past cultures. Hip Hop influences fashion, sports, politics, and economics. The Hip Hop Community has substantial resources and a significant market share. Measuring the total economic impact of hip-hop may be tricky, but if it were the whole music industry, it would be worth nearly $16 billion.

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According to the Recording Industry Association of America, all Music revenues grew 6% in 2022 to a record high of $15.9 billion. R&B/hip-hop consumption increased by 5.7% in 2022 over its volume in 2021 247.5 million). Major Hip Hop Artist’s other Endeavors range from Spirit Brands, Movie Television, Fashion, and Technology as a result of this success. B.T. The Artist of Massachusetts and Diamond White of Houston, TX and Atlanta,GA, the hottest upcoming artists in the world, have agreed to collaborate with Prestige Brands to help with this crisis.

Led by Moniladae Coley, the CEO Of Prestige Brands and daughter of the late Multi-Platinum Gospel Star Daryl Coley. Moniladae means ‘the crowned one,beautiful and wise,’ Her dad touted her as very talented, intelligent, and beautiful. Daryl Coley founded the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Los Angeles and recorded at least 19 albums. Coley’s popular renditions included “It Shall Be Done,” “When Sunday Comes,” “Jesus Saves,” and “He’s Preparing Me.

B.T. The Artist has a local charitable organizations in Boston.  Diamond White has founded Diamond White Cares based out of Texas and Georgia while servicing her homeland as well as many countries abroad. However, due to the urgent need and desperation, these artists have agreed to assist with the situation. These artists have set the example for using their talent brands to help those in need. Both artists have collaborated on several upcoming songs. Diamond White Cares is a foundation that is present and active in the community all year long across the US and abroad.  Diamond White Cares provides free mental health care, disaster relief efforts, utility assistance, missionary efforts in the female prison in Colombia, housing assistance programs in The US, Colombia & South Africa. Responsible for the building of water wells in South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Uganda & Nigeria.  Feeds & clothe the homeless, sponsors a school in South Africa & sponsors several orphanages. It was an easy fit as both Ms. Coley, Ms. White and B.T. The Artist  have all been on similar paths quietly doing the work desperately needed.

One, in particular, is called Like Me (Remix). It’s a smash hit combining the best South and East Coast hop in one song. It will be released later this year. Prestige Brands is coordinating all aspects of the media and release of this song. If you would like to partner with Prestige Brands and it’s Gobal Partners on this humanitarian  and philanthropic cause, please email:

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