Velour Cakes Making Waves in the Music Industry

March 23, 2023 0

Velour-Cakes-281x500 Velour Cakes Making Waves in the Music Industry

Upstate Geneva, New York artist Velour Cakes, also known as Vvs, is up next! His latest song and music video, “Rockout like I’m Rockout Jun,” shows people how he rocks out wherever he is. Velour Cakes says the song is based on his “little bro,” where his friend calls himself Rockout Jun, and he ran with it. Velour claims that he will rock out wherever he is or wherever he goes. Velour Cakes was born in Geneva but spent half of his life in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been doing music for over 10 years and believes in God, saying that God has a bright future for him. Most people in his hometown call him the best or the “nicest”!
In his free time, he coaches a football team called “Geneva Jr Panthers,” where his kids love him, and he is known as “Coach V.” He explains being a coach and a rapper while still being in the streets on one of his songs called “Coach V” on SoundCloud. He says, “Don’t think because I’m a coach you can’t get whacked off,” in other words, just because Velour coaches, he wants you to know that he is still in the trenches and will still do something to you over respect despite being a coach. Although coaching is his passion, music is his pulpit, and he is the pastor!! He is also a full-time father.

Velour Cakes has an independent label called SGE or better known as Strive Gang Records, where he is taking it to go fully legitimate! He has been incarcerated twice in his life but only had to serve a jail sentence one time. He says that the year in jail changed his way of thinking, and he wanted to go legit with his music; otherwise, he knows he would end up dead or in jail. People used to tell him when he was locked up to go home and make it big; that’s how he used to rap every day in jail.
Velour has two kids, a 3-year-old son, and a 5-month-old son, whom he loves and needs to make it big before his oldest son reaches 5!! He loves the “block” and the rush of the money but says the industry has been calling his name. He went to coast-to-coast direct to exec in NYC, where he got first place for the best sound artist there! Velour has been struggling with life issues recently, with friends and family members dying over the past two years. He wants to make his mother and grandmother proud. He does this for his children and all those who love him back. Velour is big on respect. “I would die behind my respect, let alone go to jail,” he says.

He loves music; it’s his purpose in life. Follow his movement on IG @topstriver

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