Who’s Da New Legacy

November 30, 2023 0

Da-New-Legacy Who's Da New Legacy

Date: November 24, Black Friday Night

Presented by: Hardknox Lyfe Radio TV and New Legacy Studio Inc.

Hosted on: Roku Channel

Hardknox Lyfe Radio TV is proud to present the “Hip-Hop Homage Concert: Who’s Da New Legacy” on November 24, Black Friday night. The event hosted on Hardknox Lyfe radio tv Roku channel, showcasing the hottest artists in New York City’s underground hip-hop circuit. This concert featured rising stars and promises to be an unforgettable celebration of everything entertainment in the music industry.

Hardknox Lyfe RadioTV’s “Hip-Hop Homage Concert: Who’s Da New Legacy?” was an event to remember, featuring New York’s Bronx producer Cover from Umbrella Studios Clean Or Dirty Music, CEO pop-up with his team and artists Woo Flocko & Dot DOLLAZ. Movers and Shakers also supported the movement owned by Tuesday. Cover, known for producing songs for Dyce Payso, Jim Jones, Haddy, Racks, Fabolous, and Chris Brown, brought his expertise and energy to the concert, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening just with his presence alone.

The event also saw the attendance of 7 Up, CEO of Gang Gang Entertainment, along with D.Chamberz of Trapperz Only, who made a surprise appearance. DJ Dr. Hollywood kept the crowd moving, spinning the hottest tracks from independent artists in New York City.

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The objective of the Hip-Hop homage was to show love to those who paved the way, honoring Cover and Hip Hop Blvd’s own AL Pizarro. Additionally, the event aimed to announce what’s to come for independent artists and hip-hop culture and business, demonstrating how artists can capitalize on their talent. With partnership deals with Mack Delfino Agencies, Dutchis Annie Hardknox has the opportunity to do what she loves – helping and developing artists and creating bosses. Dutchis also landed an A&R position at Pretty Money Records, allowing her to scout for talent and foster new opportunities with Tuesday the #1 entertainment industry influencer.

The success of the concert and artist showcase production for TV marked a significant milestone for Dutchis. Her “Who’s Da New Legacy” hip-hop TV series aims to get to know the artists on a personal level, delving into their neighborhoods, meeting their families, and witnessing the creative process behind their music. The goal is to nurture and develop these artists for success, preparing them for the industry and providing a platform for their growth.

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