Making It Big in Atlanta Set to Host Rematch Celebrity Basketball Game

September 27, 2023 0

1DB12F64-B2A0-43FC-BE97-5F46CFF05346-500x500 Making It Big in Atlanta Set to Host Rematch Celebrity Basketball Game

In an exciting announcement, Making It Big in Atlanta is gearing up to host a highly anticipated rematch celebrity basketball game in Atlanta. This thrilling event will pit the stars of “Making It Big in Atlanta” against the popular reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop,” promising an evening of fierce competition and star-studded entertainment.

Scheduled to take place on October 7th, during the renowned BET weekend, the game will serve as a thrilling prelude to the BET Hip Hop Awards, making Atlanta the ultimate destination for music and entertainment enthusiasts.

Making It Big in Atlanta has managed to assemble an impressive lineup of celebrity guests who will be showcasing their skills on the basketball court. Among the notable names set to participate are Khaotic, Lil Scrappy, Elijah Lamar, Chaney B and many more. With such a star-studded roster, fans can expect an intense and exhilarating game.

The event will kick off at ЗРМ and continue until 8 PM, allowing fans to witness their favorite celebrities battling it out in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. For those looking to be a part of the action, Making It Big in Atlanta is offering limited performance slots during the game. Artists eager to showcase their talents should reach out to Making It Big in Atl to secure their spot.

This rematch basketball game promises to be an unforgettable experience, building upon the success of the previous edition. Attendees can anticipate a night filled with high-energy performances, electrifying dunks, and dazzling athletic displays. With the participation of both “Making It Big in Atlanta” and “Love & Hip Hop” stars, the game will undoubtedly deliver an unmatched level of entertainment.

Not only will this event provide an opportunity to witness the skills of these talented celebrities, but it also serves as a platform for up-and-coming artists to shine. Making It Big in Atlanta is known for fostering a supportive and vibrant community, and this game reflects their commitment to showcasing emerging talent.

As Atlanta prepares to host the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, the city will be abuzz with music, culture, and excitement. The Making It Big in Atlanta rematch celebrity basketball game adds an extra layer of entertainment, bringing together fans from all walks of life to celebrate the city’s thriving creative scene.

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