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Mayer Hawthorne, the renowned musician and connoisseur, unveils his Wine & Vinyl Collectors Club (WVCC), the first-of-its-kind subscription service combining the pleasures of curated vinyl records and exceptional wines. The launch, set for January 2024, promises a unique experience for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of music and fine wine delivered to their doorsteps.

What began as a beacon of joy amidst the pandemic’s uncertain times has blossomed into a remarkable venture. The Wine & Vinyl Hour, initially introduced as a live streamed series in March 2020, quickly became a cherished weekly ritual for viewers, amassing a loyal following. Mayer Hawthorne’s soothing vinyl selections coupled with delightful conversations over great wines provided a much-needed escape during challenging moments. The overwhelming positive response has transformed this concept into the WVCC—a continuing legacy of shared experiences and exquisite tastes.

The WVCC box, carefully curated by Mayer Hawthorne himself, will feature three bottles of low intervention, organically and sustainably farmed wines, reflecting the integrity and purpose of the selected winemakers. Complementing the wines will be a vinyl record thoughtfully chosen to enhance the overall experience. Genres will vary, ensuring an eclectic mix that guarantees a delightful pairing for every taste. Subscribers will receive a new, unique package pairing three bottles of wine with an LP quarterly for $150.

“We wanted to create an experience that encapsulates the joy of discovering exceptional wines and the timeless allure of vinyl records,” remarked Mayer Hawthorne. “The WVCC embodies that vision, promising subscribers a sensory journey that elevates their appreciation for both music and wine.”

Enthusiasts eager to partake in this unique offering can sign up for the WVCC at least four weeks before the scheduled shipment date to secure their exclusive box (while supplies last). The WVCC subscription promises a monthly rendezvous celebrating the artistry of music and wine, carefully curated by Mayer Hawthorne and delivered to subscribers’ homes.

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