Shawty Lo: The King of Bankhead and His Musical Legacy

September 9, 2023 0

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Once upon a time, in Rap’s capital city, Atlanta, GA, in the neighborhood known as Bankhead, there lived a King, his name was Carlos Rico Walker aka Shawty Lo, the widely acknowledged King of Bankhead!

Shawty Lo, the King of Bankhead, occupies a special place in Atlanta’s rap legacy, proved by the fact that after his death on September 21, 2016 , a campaign was started to have the former Bankhead Highway renamed in his honor!

How the son of a King walks in his father’s musical footsteps!

Whenever a King dies, his offspring are expected to succeed him in the Royal Progression, and hopefully remain true to, or even eclipse the fallen King’s accomplishments! A team with a vison and a highly regarded set of skills is needed for that, and
any Princely offspring worthy of the title ‘King Jr.’ would have learned that from their father!

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Quandarius Walker and his brother Carlos Walker Jr., the sons of the King of Bankhead, did indeed inherent their father’s ability to recognize high skill sets, and in the case of Quandarius Walker, his tribute/remake of his father’s 2005 hit ‘I’m da Man!” into 2024’s “I’m still da Man!” and his choice of URT Records Super producer 808god MaxPayne Shawty to produce/ record/ and master the project shows he learned well at the feet of the master!

Ray Charles once told a young Quincy Jones, “Be true to the music, to the genre…”
URT’s Super Producer MaxPayneShawty is always true to the music, to the genre, and like all the other super producers who became household names through the buzz created by their clients and artist’ songs, and their dedication to their profession, we’ve been advised by a host of ATL artist to use our own ears and see if just like they’ve said, the 808god super producer MaxPayneShawty does all that and more! We did, and he does!

Quandarius Walker and his brother Carlos Walker Jr., are making sure that their father’s legacy is carried forward, and they’re showing that their father’s success as well as their own is indeed, “Built, not Bought!” So much so that they brought in a master musical architect with proven design skills to help grow their kingdom!

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