Kay Oss – “EIEIO” (VIDEO)

September 7, 2023 0

Kareem Alexander aka Kayoss born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Harlem. Kayoss discovers music at the tender age of 6. As Kayoss grew older he turned his passion into reality and formulated a plan to dominate the industry. At the age of 13 Kayoss started interning for Rocafella records. Things didn’t quite go as planned for young Kayoss his cousin Bee High saw the potential he had and told him “ Im not working with you again until I see you do it on your own and when I see you get somewhere imma help you.” So Kayoss went to work and started making a name for himself.

As Kayoss got onto adulthood the decisions he decided to make unfortunately landed him in and out of prison. Through out that time Kayoss still focused on his music and keep striving to become a better man. Still sticking to his plan Kayoss made a drastic changes and his life began to head in a better direction.

In 2023 Kayoss is living is dream life. CEO of Phace Pham Empire with his hit songs “Fuck’wem “ and “ EIEIO”. Kayoss overcame his struggle and worked hard to be where he is at today. Life is different and better for this artist. This is more to come with Kayoss. Kareem. Alexander. You. Only. Shall. Succeed.

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