AJDaGuru delivers a new remix for 21 Savage’s “Redrum”.

March 29, 2024 0

AJDaGuru AJDaGuru delivers a new remix for 21 Savage's “Redrum”.

This week, AJDaGuru came back with a fresh remix of 21 Savage’s “Redrum,” marking the return of his Guru Wednesdays series. Just last week, he dropped a remix of Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me,” where the Connecticut rapper showcased his own interpretation of the song. In a previous interview, AJ expressed his intention to keep up this weekly release schedule, building anticipation for his debut album, “A Different Side Of Me.”

In this week’s remix, AJDaGuru adopts a more intense persona, delivering hard-hitting lines like: “Riding in the back with the K / Pull up on a opp, we gon’ spray / Shells hit his back, he better pray / You know them Hill n*ggas don’t play, don’t play / I be getting to the money all day / Got ya b*tch with me, she do what I say / Take her to the crib, we f*cking, that’s my bay / Beat it from the back, then blow me a J.” AJDaGuru flaunts his gritty rap style effortlessly, proving that he’s not letting up with Guru Wednesdays.

Despite it being only the second week of the series, fans are already buzzing with excitement for more from AJ. Upon the release of the “Redrum” remix, fans flooded the comment sections with praise for the new material. Comments like “Better Than 21’s 💀” from Instagram user Onlyrollpearls and “Sh*t 🔥 lol no 🧢” from user infamous1jhookz flooded in, highlighting the positive reception to AJ’s latest offering. With the consistent rollout of new music, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next in store for Guru Wednesdays.

As we patiently await next week’s release, dive into AJDaGuru’s latest Redrum remix below and experience the hype firsthand.

AJDaGuru · AJDaGuru – Red Rum Remix

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