Armani Od drives with power-packed energy and great enthusiasm to make his latest EP Evolver 5000 stand out

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EVOLVER-5000-cover-art-1-500x500 Armani Od drives with power-packed energy and great enthusiasm to make his latest EP Evolver 5000 stand out

South Carolina, Mar 31, 2020 ( – Leading with a swift, catchy soundscape artist Armani Od releases a superb pile of songs that show his confident, flawless, and yet characterful leading voice. The artist strikes a fine balance between style and his charismatic voice and this comprises a huge part in his music. With his new album, the rapper has once again proved that his musical abilities are much above the average as he could just go in any direction to get all exciting hip-hop elements in his creations. The whole project is a well-produced and brilliantly structured reflection of his creativity and the artist satisfies with his refreshing performance.

The EP Evolver 5000 drives through the scene with menacing beats as Armani lets himself explore the genre most innovatively. The rapper’s artistry wheels with impact and his self-confident personality never succumb to the consistent instrumentals that guide the raw rap lyrics. Armani Od distributes an eccentric charm with his storming rap style that makes the melodic structures even more entertaining. The EP shelters songs like ‘These Days, Vol.2’, ‘Not For Everybody’, and ‘I Got the Juice’ amongst others that stand as the perfect reflection of the artist’s captivating take on rap music. With a very convincing attitude, the rapper strips the conventional song structures to make his musicality stand out amongst the rest.

The listeners get to engage in a superb musical journey that surprises them consistently on every turn. The hooks are hard-hitting and the rapper maintains his energy to replicate the same in his upbeat songs with even greater creativity and rhyming abilities. It is quite worthy to play the songs on repeat as the artist profoundly develops his skills with every new release to thrive on his terms in the industry.

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