Bri Biase Teams Up with Grammy Winner Alexander Hitchens for Revolutionary Anthem

March 3, 2024 0

Bri-Biase-New-3-Look-Shoot0967-333x500 Bri Biase Teams Up with Grammy Winner Alexander Hitchens for Revolutionary Anthem

In celebration of Black History Month, Bri Biase’s formidable talent shines through as she joins forces with Universal Production Music to make a historical impact. The anticipated release of her stirring new single titled “Black” is a testament to music’s power in shaping cultural narratives.


“Black,” curated to auditory perfection by the renowned Grammy and Dove Award-winning Producer and Composer Alexander Hitchens, promises an evocative experience. With Hitchens’ impressive portfolio of collaborations with major brands and networks like ESPN, NFL, NBA, 2K Sports, Discovery, MTV, E! and others, expectations are high for this groundbreaking track.

Through her art, Bri Biase explores and vocalizes the profundity of the word “Black” and expresses her aspirational message—that celebrating Black history should transcend the confines of February and become a ubiquitous acknowledgment. The single beats mere sound, projecting ambition and empowerment, highlighting the importance of hard work reminiscent of an athlete’s perseverance in fitness and the unity necessary to eradicate “Black Hate.”


Biase’s artistry has already garnered the endorsement of icons like Missy Elliott and Trina, further fueled by the viral success of her compelling and lyrically inventive videos.


Demonstrating versatility, she breaks barriers in the music industry with her just-released R&B project “Traits of Delusion,” kicking off with the beloved track “So Good.” Emanating the infectious energy of an artist destined to leave an indelible mark, Biase receives kudos from fans and peers alike on her Valentine’s Day release.


Music enthusiasts, social activists, and creative professionals stand in anticipation as Bri Biase promises a lingering presence in the industry—a genuine force in the long run. Stay tuned as “Black” promises to captivate the ears and resonate with hearts worldwide.

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