Chief Keef Drops ‘Almighty So 2’ Album

May 15, 2024 0

unnamed-2-4-500x500 Chief Keef Drops 'Almighty So 2' Album

With over a decade in the game and a litany of followers in his wake, Chief Keef pushes rap music forward with every release. The influential artist now shares his highly-anticipated album Almighty So 2, via his own label, 43B, formed last year in a joint venture with BMG and RBC Records.

The new album is the sequel to one of Sosa’s most acclaimed and influential projects, 2013’s Almighty So. Spanning 16 tracks, Almighty So 2 explores beyond the mind-expanding territory staked out in the original, creating a grand-scale epic that ranks among the best works of the proud Chicago native’s incredible career.

Crafted over a period of two years, Almighty So 2 is largely produced by Sosa himself. The young auteur mostly eschews melody on the new album–instead, he resolves to showcase his prodigious abilities as an emcee, sharpening his pen and emptying out his arsenal of flows. Sosa throws his entire body into his vocal performances, whether he’s building in intensity until he reaches a thunderous crescendo, or delivering his smirking punchlines with an audible disrespect.

Starting with the towering intro “Almighty,” which expertly features a sample of Carl Orff’s iconic “Carmina Burana,” the early part of the album uses liturgical and classical music samples to establish Almighty So as a larger-than-life, nearly mythical figure, who was ready for stardom since before he was even born.

After he demonstrates his imperial might, Sosa proves that there’s no sound he can’t warp until it fits his expansive sonic palette. Keef duets with the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, on “1,2,3” and warps a hidden 70s gem on the Nancy Wilson-sampling “Runner.” The haunting “Prince Charming” features Sosa’s take on the Detroit sound, with squelching bass and propulsive hi-hats, while the flute-inflected cloud-trap of “Drifting Away” pays tribute to the underground sound he helped inspire.

Though the production is a one-man show, Sosa welcomes a series of kindred spirits to share the mic. He and new favorite collaborator Sexyy Red unite over churning french horns on “Grape Trees,” while Quavo brings his dulcet melodies and triplet flows to “Never Fly Here,” and fellow drill pioneer and South Sider G Herbo joins the fray for the oh-so-Chicago “Neph Nem.” Tierra Whack makes an unexpected appearance on “Banded Up,” delivering a double-time verse as blistering as any released this year. Featuring additional appearances from Sosa’s 43B signee Lil Gnar and longtime associate BalloutAlmighty So 2 is available to stream on all platforms via 43B / RBC Records.

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