Composer & Singer Rishabh Tandon Unveils Asia’s First Musical Series “IshQ-Fakeerana” – The Journey of A Decade

January 15, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-01-14-at-8.54.44-PM-500x500 Composer & Singer Rishabh Tandon Unveils Asia's First Musical Series "IshQ-Fakeerana" - The Journey of A  Decade

Mumbai 15 Jan 2024: Six years ago I realized being a musician and surrendered to the energies, believing that music remained the only love story of my life. It started with a dark road, and no one could believe I was heading to it, from the world of light, glitters, and success. It was the only peaceful moment that made me meet myself and then I never wanted to know where I was going.

The journey had then begun, Rishabh Tandon shares his emotions as he launches Asia’s first musical series, born out of his decade-long journey that he will unveil through 6 musical videos of his series – IshQ-Fakeerana.

Stirring excitement amongst his fans and the industry, the response and the support received from all on the launch of the first poster of the series has strengthened the journey to its roots.

This marks the culmination of a decade-long journey of dedication, passion, and creativity coming to life and dawning a new identity for Rishabh Tandon aka Faqeer.

Tandon, known for his profound love for music and storytelling, has worked diligently on this ambitious project for quite some time. The announcement came with much fanfare as the first look poster was revealed, offering a glimpse into the world of “IshQ-Fakeerana” and leaving the audience eagerly anticipating what promises to be a groundbreaking musical series.

“IshQ-Fakeerana” is set to redefine the landscape of musical storytelling in Asia, weaving together a tapestry of emotions, melodies, and compelling narratives. Rishabh Tandon, a maestro in his own right, expressed his overwhelming joy and pride in finally being able to share this labor of love with the world.

The musical series is poised to be a unique blend of romance, drama, and musical brilliance, showcasing Tandon’s prowess as a storyteller and his commitment to pushing creative boundaries. With a decade-long journey behind its inception, “IshQ-Fakeerana” reflects the artist’s evolution and the resilience and passion that have fuelled the project’s development.

Fans and followers of Rishabh Tandon have been eagerly awaiting this moment, and the first-look poster has only intensified the anticipation. The poster, a visual spectacle in itself, captures the essence of the musical series, hinting at the magic and grandeur that awaits audiences.

As the news of Asia’s First Musical Series spreads like wildfire, industry experts are already predicting that “IshQ-Fakeerana” could set new benchmarks in the world of entertainment. The series is expected to not only captivate audiences with its musical brilliance but also leave a lasting impact on the way stories are told in the digital age.

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